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tv   Nightline  ABC  August 17, 2013 12:35am-1:05am EDT

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from new york city, this is "nightline." with juju chang. >> good evening, and thank you for joining us, still looking for that last minute getaway summer bargain? when it comes to good deals, it is tempting to jump. but do you really get what you pay for? earlier this summer, lindsay
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davis looks into this as "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: oh, the beach looks great. look at the water. it certainly didn't look like what i would consider a tough assignment. >> here are the rooms. not too bad. >> you're about to leave me again, just got back from honeymoon. >> reporter: i had not even unpacked from my honeymoon, when a day later, here i was heading for a beach hotel in the dominican republic. we were about to learn it is possible to go too far off the beaten path when we booked a group-on coupon that would go from sketchy to scary in less than 48 hours. groupon is known for its signature discounts and getaways, two nights in niagra falls, a six-day wine tour in
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italy. you find great reviews for all of them. but tucked away among them, two nights in the don juan beach resort. as we check in, i try to make sure, i was getting the room i was promised on groupon. >> the junior suite. >> reporter: the groupon had claimed that eric and i were getting 44% off on a room. junior suites each for $174 a night. but elsewhere, they booked a deluxe room for $150 a night. but when we got to our room? it is the dominican republic edition of cribs. they say it is a junior suite but it is actually the same room
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that our kpcompanions are traveling with. we paid more, same bathroom, beds, do you have the two towels on the bed? maybe that is what made it the junior suite. >> we have the same -- i got a sink, my room is a little bit bigger, but definitely not a junior -- >> this is a junior suite is what they're saying. >> reporter: still puzzled, we headed off to the don juan beach front. the beach is public, not private. and the vendors are nonstop. >> no, thank you. >> no, thank you. everybody down here on the beach is selling something, and normally you can see their wares, you know, whether it is
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tvs or peanuts or towels. but people who are just walking around, clearly have something. but they don't have a product. >> reporter: well, actually, they did. you could literally buy sex on the beach here, and i'm not talking about the cocktail, as we learned about it from a young man on the beach who caught my attention. and while it took an hour to check in, within 15 minutes of settling into our lounge chair, we're deep into a conversation about having this woman spend a little "quality time" with asran. he says he is her brother. $90, for what? one day? and for 24 hours. >> yes. >> reporter: earlier at the front desk we asked if we should be worried about prostitution, which is legal in the dominican republic. i have read some reviews on line where they talked about prostitution being a problem
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here, have you heard about that? >> not in this industry. >> reporter: she told us about the streets, but didn't mention the sand. we never did meet up with carolinea or her brother, but that night at the hotel, we noticed that some of the guests interacted with the set. earlier we spotted this woman handing out the don juan beach towels, but then, after the staff member's wardrobe malfunction, the guest she was with bought her a drink. but she changed her clothes and they left. speaking of towels, i could have used a few extra that night when i turned down my bed covers. so i just pulled back the comforter. there is a hair in the bed that is not mine. that is not really what bothers me most. it is this stain on the sheets. that is kind of a problem.
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as for the sounds from the next room, we can't let you hear all of it, but if we could this would be the sound track. all right, it is now 3:00 in the morning, i have very loud neighbors. it is loud outside, and because of the state of the mattress, i'm sleeping or trying to sleep in a rather precarious position. i have my feet down by the head board. and then instead of using a blanket, i'm trying to cover myself up with some pants that i brought. and then rather than sleep anywhere with this comforter on me, i have two pillows down here. and then it leads to where i've tried to create a pillow out of the lumpy clothes in my suitcase. so this is how i'm going to try and sleep for at least a few more hours.
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>> you can see why i was very concerned about being able to sleep. >> i know. >> i can tell -- i could not get any -- it was not just the noise. but the music, and the loud neighbors, it was like the same -- >> i know, i know, i know. it is sad, lindsay. it is not a good scene. >> reporter: prostitution was hard to get away from, while azra was out, he was approached by this guy. >> beautiful lady, beautiful lady. >> reporter: azran gave him the brush-off. >> maybe later, i have no time. >> okay, what time? >> i don't know. >> reporter: but soon, our team would see how easy it was to get lured into a dangerous situation her here. >> abc news "nightline" brought to you by j.c. penny. [ girl ] by the way, this is not what back to school looks like.
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. you know, sometimes you think you have weathered a storm, and then things go from bad to worse. we found sun and sand, but the beach umbrellas are not the only shady things for sale on our getaway. abc's lindsay davis is getting a lot more than she bargained for in some ways, and a lot less in others. >> reporter: it is our second day in beautiful boca chica in
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the dominican republic. and my colleague and i were looking into a deal. we already ran into issues. the room. then, the dreaded stain. >> that is kind of a problem. >> reporter: and of course, the persistent sales people. >> beautiful lady. >> reporter: but here on the beach, things are about to take a more serious turn when eric is approached by this man. abato. >> he tried to sell me marijuana and coke. and then he was like, well, i also have girls here, too. >> reporter: he offered that? >> he offered girls, yes, straight off the bat. he wouldn't give me a cost, because it is based on the girl. >> reporter: the two of you guys should go down there and find out what it costs. later on i come to regret that suggestion. >> what is your name?
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it took a few minutes to realize they were being taken away from the hotel. they left everything back on the beach. food, money, azran even left his shoe. >> can we bring the girls back to the hotel? will they give us problem in the hotel? >> no, it is okay. >> how much longer. >> reporter: and then? not sure what to expect. they're led into this very dark room, what looks like a bar. and within seconds, young women, 11 of them, file out. >> no problem. >> reporter: oz and eric, very uncomfortable, make a quick exit. the man escorts them back. back on the beach, i was starting to get nervous,t had been almost an hour when i finally spot eric and ozran on
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my flip cam. what happened? >> it was actually scary. >> reporter: later, we talked about how easily they ended up in such a dangerous situation. >> it was dark, shady -- >> it was bizarre. like we found ourselves in a difficult situation all of a sudden. >> that is the crazy thing, if somebody does offer you something and you don't think you're going to be -- it was the under belly. >> reporter: the soliciting didn't stop. this afternoon, i was approached by another broker, marie, a 20-year veteran who told me the don juan beach was her office. she says it is easy to sneak guests into the room without one of these yellow hotel bracelets. the don juan uses them to identify guests and keep visitors out. >> you can put one towel over there and go over there. and go to the room. and you can stay in the room with the guy.
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all day. >> reporter: the hotel don juan? >> yes. >> reporter: the next morning, we talk border what we had seen and heard with the manager. i'm lindsay davis. first. what was up with our room reservation? we booked our room, the two groups, and our room was booked, more expensive than our friend who booked with you. it said we all have a junior suite, but we all have the same room. so i was just wondering is that your responsibility? something we should take up with groupon? >> i really don't have an answer, we have to look into it. >> reporter: he tells us space was limited at the resort and says he would gladly compensate us on our next visit. when we contacted groupon regarding the room rates, they noted that travel prices change dramatically, and they were always adjusting them. we were also curious with how
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the hotel deals with prostitutes. so in the material, on line, it showed there were relaxing times, but the vendors and the people were coming all the time, including the prostitution. >> in this country, the beaches have problems. we do have the community, the beaches have the problem. >> reporter: so you can't stop the people? >> i can't, we don't allow the prostitutes in the hotel. >> reporter: when asked how they picked the hotels, groupon said they relied on the customer feedback, and that in the case of the don juan, 20 other customers had had complaints, all of who were refunded. and they removed the hotel from their site. so a really important takeaway here. before you book any hotel do your homework, don't assume the site you're using has done it for you. and know as much as you can about where you are going. it may not be what you bargained for. now groupon told us that while they removed this hotel from their site, other websites still
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pin fab the hidden history behind the flashing lights that caught our eyes, and captured ourçó imaginations in tonight's "feed frenzy." trust no one, for decades, the government denied its very existence, spawning a rash of conspiracy theorists and alien invaders, but for the first
1:00 am
time, we observed what people knew or thought they knew. that air 51, the secret air force base in nevada actually exists. agent mulder knew it in "the x files". >> the proof is here. >> it was the world's worst kept secret. even the president in "independence day" got included in. >> there is no area 51, no recovered space ship. >> excuse me, mr. president, that is not entirely accurate. >> we always suspected. so what was the government hiding all of these years? hidden history. the u.s. had been flying spy planes over the soviet union but they couldn't risk being spotted at normal altitudes, so the air force began to develop planes that could fly much, much higher at 90,000 feet. and they found the perfect high altitude base at home in the deserts of nevada. conspiracy and ufos, this was supposed to be, of course, a tightly guarded secret.
1:01 am
but it is no surprise that people in the area and then around the country began to suspect that there was more than just sand in the middle of the mohave. >> i think maybe reverse engineering ufos out there. >> truth revealed. now, actual government proof including maps of the secret site. although no mention of alien autopsies. according to u.s. documents, they were used to support spy pla planes, which may explain the lights in the sky that many confused for ufos. but for many, some parts were not explained, as they were redacted. and it still did not explain roswell. tune in tomorrow, and as always we're on line at good night, america, and have a wonderful weekend.
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"that '70s show" in rehab, with we're her co-star. >> she was in and out of clinics. hours after she drank herself to death. >> the question is why did she leave the hospital? >> i could make it through this, i can make it through anything. then -- >> what when was the last time you smoked weed? >> oprah's pot-smoking past. heidi klum's plastic surgery confession? >> that i had a nose job. is "basketball wives" done? roseanne, d.j. and becky 25 years later, their mental illness and co-star's drug overdose. >> it was a big loss. and is newlywed jimmy kimmel having second thoughts? >> it's terrible, it's like i can't have sex with other women 94.
1:04 am
"omg! insider." "that '70s show" star lisa robin kelly's death and rehab, hello, everyone, i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm thea andrews. her lifelong battle with addiction that cost her role with a show with ashton kutcher has cost her life. >> her co-stars talk about her and why rehab couldn't save the troubled star. we could see something was terribly wrong. it's trending now. >> this is all a bunch of made-up stuff. i have paid my dues. and if i can make it through this, i can make it through anything. >> just in to us here at cnn an actress from "that '70s show" has died. >> startling new details about lisa robin kelly's final days. >> lorie. >> hey, little brother. >> the former sitcom star reportedly went to the hospital sunday with a dangerous 0.34 blood alcohol level. then entered this re


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